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Non- toxic odor free household cleaner
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Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Our proprietary formula is comprised of organic materials combined with surfactants and other biologically stimulating ingredients. Together these form a highly effective, cutting edge cleaning and odor control product designed to help remove and eliminate proteins, dirt, grime, molds and mildews.

Leave on for 2 to 3 minutes, wipe off. Our multi-purpose cleaner will break down the dirt and proteins, leaving a clean, oil free surface. Most cleaners just polish the dirt with oils giving the surface an appearance of being clean. Our cleaner breaks down the dirt, proteins and grime and removes it. You can feel the clean. As it is breaking down, it eliminates odors that attract ants, cockroaches and other pests leaving your kitchen, bathroom or any room in your house not only pest free but not smelling like chemicals or harsh cleaners. This is perfect for people suffering from Chemical Sensitivities.

One of our employee's husband has Lyme disease. Any chemical, essential oils or organic smells can trigger a headache or migraine. She can only use The Amazing Doctor Zymes Multi-Purpose Cleaner to clean her house. She is so happy to have found something that she can clean with and use for odor control that works and keeps her husband from getting headaches.

Works great for cleaning up pet accidents or odors too.

Try our cutting edge formula today, feel the clean.

We would love to hear from you, please feel free to contact us with a testimonial. What did you use it for? How effective was it for your problem?


"...cleaned a horrible soot mess...
with little effort!" – D

The Dirt on Cleaning
with Doctor Zymes

The Amazing Doctor Zymes is a revolutionary cleaner.  Our Multi-Purpose Cleaner is designed to assist in removing and eliminating dirt, grease and grime as well as being a superior odor controller.  With its superior ability to remove grease and eliminate odors that attract cockroaches and ants, it works to keep these pests from coming into your kitchen when used every day.  You can feel the clean, go ahead and try it today.  Spray an area with The Amazing Doctor Zymes on top of an area you just cleaned, let it sit for several minutes.  Wipe dry, then compare the area you sprayed to the area you did not spray with our Multi-Purpose Cleaner.  You can feel the Clean.

The Amazing Doctor Zymes Multi-Purpose Cleaner is great for Chemically Sensitive users.

Order this Revolutionary Cleaning and Odor Control product today.


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